KGPCo provides installation and integration services for customers delivering voice, video and Internet/ data over wireless networks. Service providers leverage our experience and breadth of services to increase their profitability, competitiveness and agility in rapidly changing market conditions. KGPCo has completed over 16,400 projects within various wireless network environments since 2001, including:

  • Multi Switching Center (MSC)
  • Cell Site
  • RF Installation

KGPCo launched a major initiative to expand cell site services to include a vast portfolio of tower services. With a thorough training and certification program for installers and tower crews, KGP is dedicated to providing industry-leading cell site solutions. KGPCo has skilled resources trained in installation and upgrades of technology and equipment on existing structures, including tower structural analysis, tower modifications and maximum permissible exposure (MPE). From analyzing the structure capacity, antenna repositioning to complete installation and new equipment, KGPCo is experienced to customize cell site solutions.

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