Outsourced Services


Outsourced Services

Within any large, complex business organization, there are times when it is advantageous to look for outside expertise to provide a scope of work. Whether it’s the volume or the complexity of the work that exceeds the available expertise, additional capabilities and skill sets are needed to help achieve success. Whatever the circumstances, KGPCo is poised and ready with the necessary telecommunications knowledge and experience for as long as required.

Customized Outsourced Services

KGPCo’s Outsourced Services are tailored to individual requirements. Assignments are defined in a scope of work (SOW) and can be a single project or a series of projects associated with an entire program. Instead of invoicing each project, KGPCo bills for time and expenses and the network service provider defines the duration of each purchase order. KGPCo uses two key delivery methods for outsourced services: Business Process Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation. We look beyond what is typically offered by EF&I vendors and help mitigate the risk of doing business.

Benefits of this include:

  • Facilitates variable cost models
  • Allows better focus on core competencies or business needs
  • Managed performance levels
  • Quick ramp to full production
KGPCo develops each project around a tailored scope of work defined to client specifications and bills only for transactions defined – not for “on-the-bench” resources. Billing is based only on services consumed.

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