Data Centers


Data Centers

The rise of bandwidth intensive devices and cloud services are driving the growth of data centers throughout the United States. Today’s data center is no longer simply about providing rack space for network equipment and power, it’s a place where a business can offload specific applications into a public, private or hybrid data center hosting environment.

BlueStream offers data center services in design engineering, detail engineering, procurement, installation, repair, maintenance (preventive & emergency), inventory management, project and program management for enterprise and Carrier-grade data centers. BlueStream installers are equipped with the appropriate fiber and copper test equipment to ensure that the cabling and associated connectivity equipment meets customer and industry transmission performance specifications. Based on business volume, BlueStream can dedicate personnel to specific facilities for installation and repair services.

BlueStream installers are trained and experienced in the installation of the following equipment and technologies:

Data Center Chart

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BlueStream installers are knowledgeable of TIA/EIA and BICSI requirements. With this knowledge, BlueStream is committed to provide quality data center services and maintains TL9000 certification.