DAS Small Cell

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Today’s mobile data users expect to stay connected and share their experiences where they live, work and play. Whether it be basketball, baseball, football, or even motor sports; fans and employees at sports venues increasingly demand wireless connectivity. Fans expect instant access to texts, emails, pictures and even live video streaming while at the venue.

Sports arenas and stadiums provide a unique challenge to venue owners trying to give patrons and employees wireless mobile coverage due to the fact that mass amounts of people are gathered into a confined location for a set period of time.

While DAS can solve the connectivity and capacity requirements of Stadiums, often these systems require an experienced team of RF engineers, project managers, field technicians and optimization engineers to deliver this sophisticated DAS solution to the venue. The experience, professionalism, and seamless scalability that KGPCo offers through the use of individualized turnkey DAS solutions makes the installation of DAS systems at any sports venue a smooth and straightforward process.