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Public Venue

Today’s mobile data users expect to stay connected and share their experiences where they live, work and play. Public venues that include shopping malls, conference and convention centers, theatres, festival and fair grounds are all areas that patrons and employees will expect to have a seamless mobile data experience.

Owners of public venues rely on effective mobile communications to satisfy a wide audience of visitors. Public venues draw large numbers of people and often have wireless connectivity problems that lead to capacity issues. These connectivity limitations include:

  • Dropped calls
  • Slow data output
  • Poor voice quality

DAS and Small Cells can solve the connectivity challenges. Neutral Host DAS, single host DAS and small cells are all solutions that KGPCo can deliver to public venue owners, resulting in:

  • Eliminate dropped and missed calls caused by data capacity limitations
  • Eradicate poor wireless coverage within public areas
  • Enable much higher data output for both patrons and employees