DAS Small Cell



In-Building Wireless

Staying connected is a vital part of our daily lives. KGPCo works with its clients (carriers, venue owners and tower companies) to ensure their customers are connected. The DAS and Small Cell team at KGP works with our clients on a case by case basis to design and build unique DAS solutions to deliver optimal coverage and capacity in a variety of environments.

From high-rise office buildings and hospitality venues to the largest sports and entertainment venues, The professionals at KGPCo engineer and deliver robust DAS and Small Cell solutions that not only provide the coverage needed today, but also are future-proof for the requirements of tomorrow.

KGPCo DAS and Small Cell delivers a suite of turnkey services to allow for customized needs for any In-Building wireless project. In particular when delivering an In-Building solution, KGPCo accounts for:

  • Building Code and Safety Requirements
  • Server/Spectrum/Transmitter Tests
  • Equipment Selection
  • Engineering Design

In addition, KGPCo offers the following suite of turnkey DAS services while delivering the best-in-class DAS solutions to the marketplace:

  • Analysis and Design
  • Consulting
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • FCC Licensing & Construction
  • Pre and Post RF Site Survey
  • Pre-Planning RF Design Towards Future Constructed Facility
  • Post Data Collection Processing
  • Site Management & Acquisition
  • Systems, Products, & Accessories
  • Installation & Implementation & Optimization