Data Centers

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Data Center Growth to Support Cloud Computing

Experience and Efficiency are the Keys to KGPCo Data Center Deployment

Satisfying demand for higher bandwidth services can hinge on precise Data Center planning and swift, reliable connectivity

Data centers may well be the salvation for expanding Central Office data processing capacity outside the plant, which is necessary to meet ever-escalating network bandwidth demands. In short, data centers provide the ability to offer a wide-range of important customer services; including digital HDTV, rapid streaming, video downloads, high-speed Internet, digital phone, and even integrated smart-home solutions involving remote programming, on-demand entertainment services and advanced security systems.

The reality is exceedingly clear – the ability to deliver these services to customers who are willing to pay more, right now, to get the full range of options they want is critical for future growth.

The substantial dollar investment required to build a data center is a sizeable component of any operating budget and
requires several complicated issues to be considered. As pressures mount to speed deployment, there are equally as many
possibilities for miscalculations and glitches that should be accounted for in order to keep the project on time.

A few critical considerations include:

  • the constraints of existing building space/layout
  • complex thermal management issues
  • sufficient energy cost controls
  • adequate power and emergency backup systems
  • scalability
  • infrastructure and information security
  • fire protection
  • proper cabling/connectivity

All of these considerations lend themselves to considering a partnership with a highly experienced and capable outsource expert. Few in the business have more experience than KGPCo data center deployment teams.

KGPCo can help Carriers avoid costly, “failure to launch” scenarios.

It’s not only important to overcome the challenges in equipping data center build-outs, it must also be done in the absolute shortest amount of time. Every day without the ability to provide high-demand services to potential customers is another day of lost revenue opportunities.

KGP has assembled specialized teams of data center experts that have between seven-to-eight years of experience. They are accustomed to working in unison with clients with full awareness of the challenges and equipped to solve them.

Amin Anshasi, KGPCo Program Manager, sums up the intricate task of data center systems setup and installation in short, to-the-point fashion, “Rapid response, available resources and precise execution are the keys. An outsource partner must have the capability to implement in a very short timeframe. That also means ensuring that the entire system is functioning reliably and efficiently.” To this end, KGPCo created dedicated teams with one program manager and one lead engineer to interface with customers, which makes communication, responsiveness and assignment of responsibilities more efficient for all involved.

Equipping multiple data centers each year has provided KGPCo the experience to handle the precise, upfront planning that is essential, along with the flexibility to adapt. KGP's experience to anticipate and handle project complexities provides them additional leverage over other service providers.

“We work very closely with telco engineers, IT and operations people all along the way to make sure every consideration has been discussed and that we stay focused on the right issues,” stated Anshasi. “It all relies heavily on an accurate design analysis and formulation of a good build plan for execution. Timelines and scheduling are critical. An experienced team leader can keep things moving and plan for the unexpected. So as problems do surface, the team is prepared to recommend a workable solution.”

For instance, if HVAC system installations are off even a few inches, cabling may need to be re-routed and racking systems adjusted to accommodate. Subflooring space and layout can impact cabling or placement of bays as well. There are also electrical compatibility aspects between different equipment that must be taken into account.

“Standardization of interconnect equipment – the fiber connects or patch-panel connects – is essential to system integrity,” Anshasi added. “Updating our customer’s database is also a valuable part of our full, turnkey services. Consistency is perhaps the most important aspect of performance optimization. That’s where a cohesive, experienced team is invaluable in guaranteeing a timely, successful launch.”